Euronuts your specialist in nuts and seeds processing

Euronuts is the specialist in processing nuts and seeds. Euronuts imports from everywhere around the world the best quality nuts and seeds. In the factory in Alphen aan den Rijn nuts and seeds are stored and further processed. Nuts and seeds are meanly supplied to industrial bakeries, chocolate processors and the snack-industry.

Euronuts diversifies it selfs to its competitors because it can really process tailor made products in every quantity. We supply what the customer really needs!

contract work

Euronuts is also active as toll-processor. That means that you can supply your nuts to us and we will process it according to your specifications. We have our own cleaning lines metal separators AND a high-end laserscanner to remove all foreighmaterials : stones, sticks, metal, fibers but also glass with a size of 0,5 mm.